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The Feedback Shift - TFS


Create a culture of continuous improvement.

Designed to impact all levels of an organization, The Feedback Shift will teach you and your team how to effectively give and receive regular informal feedback and set your organization up to focus on positive communication that builds stronger relationships.

Feedback is a gift.

Self-awareness is a key building block in self-improvement. But self-awareness doesn’t occur in a vacuum. That makes feedback critical. But only if it’s brain-friendly feedback—the effective and impactful kind. The Feedback Shift challenges talent at every level of your organization to take a hard look at their feedback habits and learn to turn them around.
Duration: 4-hour session + 90-day habit reinforcement package
Designed for: All leaders + their teams
Designed to: Motivate people to provide regular, informal and effective feedback
Delivery: TFS is scalable, customizable to your culture and designed so it can be led by us or internally by you

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