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Change simulation

Magyar változat

Change management simulation

This simulation is a computer assisted board-game. The scenario is a company-wide change process. The players are the change consultants. Their objective is to guide the company through the change curve from the initial “shock phase” to the final “integration phase”. Every stakeholder in the company – owners, management, employees, key customers and suppliers –has individual characteristics. They have different motivations and reasons to resist or support the particular change. This makes them respond differently to the actions the players take. These individual characteristics are unknown to the participants at the beginning of the game and they need to discover them through the results of their decisions.

Players work in teams and together they make the decision about the type of change-management action they want to take. A computer program then runs the simulation taking into account the resistance and motivation of the current stakeholders and our previous choices as well.

The players have several rounds to implement the change. For each round, players receive a set of resources, which they can utilise to support company stakeholders in the change process. With the help of the software the facilitator simulates the effects of the chosen change actions.

When the players have made their change initiatives and all the given resources are depleted or when no team wants to take any more action, the round is over. In between the rounds the participants reflect on the development, the decisions they made and the progress with some change management theory included.

The change management simulation is based on several theories of organisational development:

  •    Change Curve
  •    Diffusion of Innovations
  •    Learning Organisation
  •    Various Organizational Development theories
  •    Change Resistance models

The game is a

Computer-assisted board game

Playing time: 1,5 – 2 days

Complexity: medium

Participants: 4-6/group and 2 groups/trainer

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