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Educational registry number: 00417 / 2010

Statistical No: 14268449-7022-113-06


Teamcoaching: SolutionCircle


Teamcoaching: SolutionCircle

Imre Környei passed the SolutionCircle team coaching training program provided by SolutionSurfers.

This certificate attests that Imre Környei 

has participated in the teamcoaching training held between October 2013 and February 2014 in Budapest. Imre deepened his knowledge of solution-focused Brief Coaching methodology and skills. 

The training was centered around the following topics: 

  • the solution-focused coaching model: central elements and their background 

  • the team coaching process: eight steps and the most effective tools 

  • diversity in methods and forms of a solution-focused coaching process with teams 

  • mastering different coaching situations in teams with sustainability and ease 

The participants had the opportunity to reflect and practice with their own real cases. The training included a written reflection of an own teamcoaching process. 

The training delivered by Katalin Hankovszky is part of Solutionsurfers ICF accredited "Brief Coach Training" programme. All 52 training hours count as coaching specific training hours (ACSTH) as defined by the International Coach Federation. 



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