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1st regional SOLworld conference


1st regional SOLworld conference

Central Eastern European gathering for more forward moving and resource based life in organisations.
September 12-14, 2013 in Visegrád, Hungary.

Who will be there?

The 1st regional conference hosted by the SOLWorld community will welcome 60-80 practitioners from several countries, mainly from the Central Eastern European region. The aim of the conference is to gather leaders, decision makers, project managers and coaches, consultants to inspire each other for their work in organisations. Some of them will come because they are fascinated by a resource oriented, forward focused way of working, so called Solution Focused approach, others come to share best practices in energizing people, conducting useful interactions and supporting long lasting change.

At this exceptional opportunity participants develop skills, expand thinking, and share experiences.

The venue of the conference will be the Thermal Hotel in Visegrád.

Come and experience, come and share: hello@solworldcee.org

For more information please the website of the conference www.solworldcee.org for the gradually emerging details of the conference.

Please click here to visit the Facebook page of the conference.




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