iCons-Hungary: Training, Coaching, Consulting, Assessment & Tests

Developing business strategies and personal competences


iCons-Hungary Ltd.

Address: 6723 Szeged, Sándor u. 13.


Környei Imre:

mobil: +36 20 474 3214


Dr. Fedor István

mobil: +36 20 327 4859


Fedor György

mobil: +36 30 360 1914



Company data:

Educational registry number: 00417 / 2010

Statistical No: 14268449-7022-113-06


About us: training, coaching, consultancy, test

Our Mission:

We focus on development!

We are continuously improving our knowledge and services in order to be able to provide the best solutions to our clients.

 We are aiming to build strategic alliances with our clients by helping them to

* rethink their strategy and business model,
* improve their operational efficiency and employee engagement,
* execute their tasks more successfully by working in a more conscious way and applying wider range of techniques.

 Our scope


Projects outside of Hungary:

Belgium, Romania, Scotland, Ukraine


From our customers:

Our services:

Training, coaching, consulting, assessment and tests

Our references from public services:

Nyírségvíz, Debreceni Vízmű, DMRV, EON, Shell Gázszolgáltató, TIGÁZ Tiszántúli Gázszolgáltató, MÁV, Vértes Volán, Magyar Posta,  Vasútegészségügyi Kht, Országos Mentőszolgálat

Our references from business sector:

Adama, AEGON, Alcoa Köfém, Angelini Pharma, Antenna Hungária, Attention CRM, Állami Autópálya, Bardusch, BorgWarner, Borsodi Műhely, BWT, Charvát, Coca Cola, DDI Europe, Delta Informatika, Devecseri Agrokémia, Délút, Döbröközi Mg., Draxlmaier, DSM Nutritional Products, Eastern Sugar, EGIS, Eh-Szer, Electrolux Lehel, ERSTE Bank, Falcon-Vision, FEVITA, Fortaco, Generali-Providencia, Geoinform, GreenHouse Group, Jabil Circuit, J und J Kft., Kilgray, Knorr-Bremse, Mahle, Mediq, MEWA, Michelin, MOL, NAGISZ, Naponta, Nexon, OBI Hungary Retail, Opten, OTP Bank, OVB, Paksi Atomerőmű, Pfizer, PLT, Premed, Raiffeisen Bank, Richter Gedeon, RDI, Robert Bosch Power Tool, Shell, Stadler, Stappert, Tiszai Vegyi Kombinát, United Consult K2, Vestfrost.



iCons-Hungary: training, coaching, consulting, assessment & tests


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iCons-Hungary: training, coaching, consulting, assessment & tests






iCons-Hungary: training, coaching, consulting, assessment & tests



iCons-Hungary: training, coaching, consulting, assessment & tests